Desiree Niu [ 牛子齊 / Niu, Tsu Chi ] is a designer from Taipei, Taiwan. She has received her MFA of Visual Arts at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 14'. From 14'-15', Desiree worked as a digital designer at Wework headquarter in New York City.

After coming back to Taiwan, she worked in Onion Design Associates for a while and in 17', she becomes an independent graphic/web designer in Taipei. She translated one design book "Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals" to traditional character version in 17'.

She is also the co-founder of ONE.10 Society.

Desiree believes in creating compelling and high concept design to explore the relationship between human comprehension and behaviors that neglectfully does not be noticed in our daily

Her concentrations are graphic design, photography (Films addict !) making ideas happen and cat petting. If you have questions about her work, or would like to talk about future collaborations or commissions, please email at

onetoten.project [at]

牛子齊,視覺設計師,於2014年取得MCAD視覺藝術碩士學位,2017年成為獨立接案設計師,作品收入東京TDC、在亞太設計年鑑、俄羅斯國際金蜂海報展。2018年受日本國際交流基金會邀請參與「Door to Asia」計劃,前往日本東北気仙沼市進行地方品牌再造合作。同時兼任設計書籍翻譯,近期作品為INSIDE PARAGRAPHS: typographic fundamentals「圖解歐文字體排印學」。

目前為ONE.1O Society的共同創辦人。

台湾台北市出身のデザイナー。2014年にミネアポリスカレッジオブアート&デザインで芸術学を修了し、2014年〜2015年の1年間ニューヨークにあるWework本部でデジタルデザイナーとして働いた。その後台湾に戻り、洋葱設計で仕事し、2017年にグラフィック・ウェブデザイナーとして独立し、主にグラフィックデザイン、映像撮影と翻訳の仕事をしています。2017年に「Inside Paragraphs: Typographic Fundamentals」(タイポグラフィの基礎)という書籍を中国語(繁体字)に翻訳した。デザインの力を活かして、日常生活では気づかれない人間への理解と人間の振る舞いの関係性を模索したいと考えている。

___ WORK

Visual Designer / Onion Design Associates
November 2015 - 2017
Created identity design, UI/UX for web and mobile format, brand visuals for marketing and digital campaign, presentation and environmental graphics, publications, and illustrations.

Digital Visual Designer / WeWork
September 2014 - May 2015
Created UI and visuals for web and mobile applications.

Graduate Teaching Assistant / 3M Global Design Studio
January 2014 – May 2014
Oversaw learning, creating, and communicating between 3M and MCAD students. Created new patterns and packages for Post-it® Home Deco products.

Graduate Graphic Designer / DesignWorks
August 2012 – May 2013
Designed concepts and produced print pieces. Projects included brochures, postcards, display banners, and email templates.

Digital Asset Assistant / OSRAM
January 2011 – April 2012
Worked with German and Hong Kong branches to relaunch OSRAM’s global website. Produced product images, technical line drawings, and application images for the website and global catalogs. Maintained and edited digital assets.

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